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2014 New Class:  2-dog 1.5 mile race - open to everyone!  (1-2 Dogs Skijor or Sled)

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The Bachelor Butte Dog Derby is a return to racing sled dogs in the Cascade mountains near Bend/Sunriver, Oregon. 
The event is a trophy race scheduled for March 1-2, 2014 at Wanoga Sno-park.   
This is an opportunity to experience the splendor of the the Cascades and contest one's dog team on world class terrain. 
The courses will be challenging and the classes offered somewhat nostalgic. 



Class Description~

The short course is a 4.25 mile loop that features some climbing; tight, downhill turns, a mile long straight-away, and a dramatic otter slide hill into the finish at Wanoga.  This will be a 5-dog maximum for sprint teams and a separate 3-dog ski-jor event.  We plan to offer the 9-dog 9 mile course, and a 9-mile advanced skijor race again in 2014!  (Please see entry form for pre-qualification information for the 9-mile skijor event.)

7-dog 15-mile class, set to be in line with other 'mid-distance' events in the PNW.  
The middle distance course is 22.5 miles of beautifully groomed trails and promises to be different...this is to be an open class event!  Mushers can start with as few as six swifts in tow and hook-up as many as they can safely control.  As teams depart Wanoga sno-park they will climb the otter slide that is trail #4 and climb for about 4 miles.  At trail #25 the teams will descend for 6 miles through junctions and tree tunnels and circumnavigate Wanoga Butte.  The return is a climb up trail #25 and 4 miles of mostly downhill to the finish. 
New this year
: 2-Dog 1.5 Mile Class Novice  Skijor or Sled

We'll try to run all the classes early this year, with 9-dog out first, followed  shortly after by Open, then all the shorter races run inside the 25-miler.


Contact Shay Miller at:  shay927@gmail.com or Polly Riley plriley22@gmail.com or 541-420-1063

Course maps: 

2 mile course map

5 mile sprint course map 700 kb      

9 mile sprint course map 860 kb

15-mile 7-dog mid course map  2 mb

25 mile open course map 2.4 mb 

Remember that Deschutes National Forest requires that all straw - including the straw in your dog boxes - be certified weed free!


A Big Thank you to all of our Sponsors!






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2014 Racers

Jerry Scdoris Bend, OR
Melissa Turner Herald, CA
Jane Devlin Bend, OR 
April Cox Adin, CA
Hugo Antonucci CA
Bino Fowler Sunriver, OR
7-dog 15 mile  
Laura Crocker  
Gabe Dunham Bend, OR 
Kelly Barton Bend, OR
Pat Rooney Sunriver, OR
Karen Yeargain Prineville, OR
9-dog 9 mile (sled)  
Thad McCracken Portland, OR 
Dina Lund Okanagan, WA
9 mile (ski)  
5-dog 5 mile (sled)  
Selina Witt Bend, OR
Dan Silvertree Demascus, OR
Tim Curley Eagle Creek, OR 
Sharon Nuckols Eagle Creek, OR
Kenzie Myers Bend, OR
Tom Riley Bend, OR
Nathan Donaldson  
5 mile (ski)  
Mikki Douglas  Cle Elum, WA
Jessica Haynes  
2-dog 2 mile (sled)  
Mia Vaccaro  
William Reid  
Karen Boyko Apple Valley, CA
Earl Boyko  Apple Valley, CA
2 mile (ski)  
Gaby Sipe  
Laura Maffei  
Kate Stinson